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We would love to help you promote your event or sell your product or service!

300 x 300 AD

A full-size 300×300 advertisement is the larger of the three sizes available. Plenty of room to catch the eye of the reader and give them your message.

We’ll work with you to create the best opportunity for your site.

Need even more room, then animation is a great way to give more information to the viewer. The cost is 40% for two additional slides.

AdSize-150x300300 x 150 Ad

Whether you want a vertical or horizontal rectangular ad, this is the best option for you.

This provides more than enough space to get your event or product noticed.

It’s our best value and is sure to catch your customer’s eye!

150 x 150 Ad

AdSize-150x150 Ad-ChristmasDepot-150x150 Ad-Holdem-150x150
Our 150×150 ad is perfect to let people know about your upcoming event. It’s a perfect size for three lines of text!

Or you can use a logo or event graphic as the background to help brand the entire event.

Either way, this is our least expensive opportunity for you to advertise with



Want the maximum exposure? This is it, we will show your slide at maximum resolution and you pay per click.

Our full size billboard advertisement is $100/day, $500/week and $1500/month.

You can’t get more maximum exposure than that!

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