Anonymous Writer Begs DAR To Investigate Engineering Selections

Feb 28, 2013

For the record, cause some of you are probably wondering: I did not write them nor do I know who wrote or sent these letters to the DAR.

Two letters from an anonymous person have been sent to the Daily American Republic this week requesting the paper investigate and inform their readers of City Council’s soon-to-be-selection of engineering company for the first project by the Poplar Bluff TDD (a city corporation handling and funding the development of area transportation projects using a 1% sales tax).

According to each of the letters, Carbon copies were also forwarded to Doug Libla, Todd Richardson, PB Mayor and all city council members, Ed Strefel, and Steve Halter. The second letter also included the SEMO Times. obtained copies of each of the letters and have posted & linked them below for your viewing.

First Letter – 2/25/2013
Second Letter – 2/28/2013