City Attorney Confirms City Seeking to Sell City Cable Out From Under Citizens

Feb 07, 2014

I was in the courthouse today for a hearing and after court was adjourned, I walked up to City Attorney Wally Duncan and DAR Reporter David Silverberg.

I said, “Hey, Wally, can you tell me when the City will be closing on their sale of City Cable?”

Duncan stood still and silent for 20 seconds and then responded, “Nothing I can tell you.”

The DAR Reporter stated he would look into it as another story.

But then, Duncan said “How did you find out about it?” <-- confirmation! I turned so that Bill Bach, seated in the gallery could hear and said, "I can assure you I did not hear it from a council person. You have leaks within your organization you have no idea about. There are people who do not like how you run things. Especially the selling of bonded assets out from under the citizens of this city." It has been communicated to me that those involved in the sale have been given strict instructions to conduct their due diligence secretly, complete the sale before April (eg, the next City Council election) and without Brian Becker finding out.

This raises huge questions:

    Can the city sell City Cable without voters consent?
    Can City Cable be sold out from under the bond holders?
    Can City Cable be sold without bidding it out?

Citizens of Poplar Bluff, demand that any sale of major assets be done in an open, legal and transparent manner!