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  • Columnist Toni Becker Performing “America, I Stand”

    veterans day

    America I pledge allegiance to the flag of these United States of America One nation, under one God, I stand Written by Toni and Brian Becker, Nov 2013.

  • Dexter Music Center’s 10th Anniversary Event

    Dexter Music Center TShirt

    DEXTER – Musicians by nature are a different lot. As destructive as they are creative, musicians are artists that seek to touch the intangible; to invent beauty from thin air. Since Pythagoras discovered octaves, they have been aided by instruments. And those who gather instruments to supply musicians are necessary allies. Combining business skills with musical […]

  • High School Student’s Tribute To The Daughter of a Deploying Dad

    veterans day

    A tribute song for the daughter of a military man. Ben Becker, currently a junior at Greenville High School, wrote this song in 2012 for a close friend whose father had been deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months.

  • Columnist Toni Becker Performing Her Tribute to Veterans

    veterans day

    As we begin a week of remembering our Veterans, SEMO TIMES would like to share a song performed by columnist Toni Becker and written by Toni and Brian Becker. My boots will fill the footsteps Of the brave who’ve gone before The memory will remind me It’s a cause worth fighting for Duty Calls Toni & […]

  • The Baldknobbers are Coming!

    The Baldknobbers are Coming!

    Those familiar with Branson are familiar with “The Baldknobbers Jamboree,” a comedy show that has kept people laughing for 55 years. Since becoming a Branson mainstay, it has been rare for the comedy group to leave Branson for shows. But they are making an exception on Friday, Feb. 20 at 7 p.m. when they will […]