Internet Service

If you are looking for a faster connection to the Internet, has several services options available in many areas.

Below are currently the types of broadband services we offer and a brief description of each. Click on the heading of the service for a more detailed description of the service as well as pricing and availability.

DSL – Digital Subscriber Line. Uses the same wire as your voice phone line to provide an “always on” high-speed connection.

Wireless – Much different from Sprint PCS or the other mobile wireless solutions. Using unlicensed microwave frequencies we can provide from 256k to 1Meg of bandwidth without wires.

T1/MPLS/Fiber – When Internet connectivity is mission critical to your company, service outages can result in loss of business and revenue. In order to prevent such loss, you need to upgrade beyond standard broadband options to’s Managed IP services.

Dial-up Service – For many people in rural Missouri, there are no broadband options available except the very expensive Satellite service. We still have hundreds of customers who access the Internet by dial-up modem.