iPhone EMail Setup

Setting up your iPhone is relatively easy. Each of the different versions of iPhone looks slightly different but the information below will help you set up as easily as possible.

The Short Answer(s)

If you know what you are doing then the short answer(s) are:

  • both IMAP & POP3 work
  • mail.semo.net for incoming
  • mail.semo.net for outgoing
  • your username is your email address
  • no SSL for incoming or outgoing*
  • leave incoming server port to the default
  • change the outgoing server port to 587

However, to aid you even more here are a few more instructions on how to set up your iPhone to use our email service.


You can pick either one. We recommend IMAP because it will keep your phone email synced up with your webmail account. In other words, when you delete an email on your iPhone using IMAP, it also is deleted from your webmail account and vice versa.

INCOMING Mail Server

hostname:  mail.semo.net
username: your-email-address
password:  *************

Outgoing Mail Server

hostname:  mail.semo.net

Click the hostname to get to the advanced settings for outgoing

username: your-email-address
SSL – Off*
Authentication – Password
Server Port 587


Below the incoming and outgoing mail server info is an “Advance” tab.

SSL – Off*
Authentication – Password
– 143 – if you are using IMAP
– 110 – if you are using POP3


That’s all you need to successfully set up your iPhone with your SEMO.net, IMSInternet.net or SheltonBBS.com address.

Still having problems?

Call 573.686.9114 and we can help you over the phone for $15. Typically it is easier to do this if you call on a phone other than your iPhone.

*SSL is available, but you must use different servers for your incoming and outgoing servers:  mail.b.hostedemail.com