McVey Chides And Laughs At Citizen

Is this how you want your representative to treat the citizens who come to speak at City Council?


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Written by Brian Becker

After graduating from Mizzou with Computer and Electrical Engineering degrees in 1985, Brian Becker spent a decade singing Christian Rock and being a labeled artist with Benson Music Group of Nashville. In 1995, he and several investors started the area's first Internet Service called and by 2000 the company was serviing Internet access in over 50 communities throughout Southeast Missouri as In July 2014, Becker again made a major pivot and became Publisher of the SEMO TIMES: a weekly print and daily online news and entertainment source for the region.

  • Maye

    That is just plain terrible. Miss McVey treats citizens with such a disrespectful tone. Why would you question a person at the podium about why something is important to them and then laugh at them? So conniving and telling! Why does it matter to them…. as if he were stepping on her toes by coming up there to speak? No wonder her and city manager wanted the citizen time decreased. They didn’t want to answer to people I guess! I think it must scare them that more people can watch these meetings now. McVey is running to be reelected right next to Mr. Black. No thanks to either of them if this is the kind of behavior they support.

  • John

    You and Mr. West need to get a life. The Sale was a great deal for the City. How about the $275,000 you owe the city. Is your clan gonna waive that??