Poplar Bluff Hits New Low...

Dec 31, 2015

A story has been posted all over Facebook showing that Poplar Bluff was recently listed at the #1 most Ghetto place to live in Missouri. Citing crime statistics, median family income, graduation rates, and the number of convenience/drug/discount stores along with other data they came to the conclusion that PB is #ghetto-est. The site clearly claims that their scientifically-based opinions are totally for infotainment, but for those who call Poplar Bluff home it is a bittersweet laugh.

I did a search on their site and Poplar Bluff has shown up often. PB is:

#1 in ghetto
#8 in drunkest
#4 in most redneck
#8 in worst places to live – Search Results for: Poplar Bluff

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