Wanna See The Newspaper Online?

Nov 06, 2014

We’ve been trying to decide when we should release our electronic version of the newspaper each week. Some think it will decrease the number of physical papers picked up so the electronic should go out on the following Monday, others say it will increase the circulation if we show the newspaper in full. Let’s see which theory is correct…here’s this week’s newspaper:

  • Thank you, Julie! Howwwwl. (0:

  • Nancy L Abernathy Charlotte Craig
    Donna Stott
    Karen Coleman
    Howling At Moon

    Thank You!

  • Julie Scobey Hudson — Howling preview is on page 13.

  • — Hey Tina, check out that centerfold!!!! Thanks for the tour yesterday, it was wonderful to see all the changes since I was blessed with the responsibility of being on the Friends of MHAM board.