1776: Full Cast of Characters (Final Weekend!)

Mar 12, 2008

Who’s in this play, anyway?

semo.net thought it might be helpful for our readers to get a sense of why community theater is called…well, community theater. Some of your friends are in this play. Some of your colleagues and classmates have found their way onto the stage in a bid to bring live theater of quality into the heart of Poplar Bluff life. Your boss may be wearing a glowing white wig, eye shadow, rouge, and control-top pantyhose on the only occasion you’ll ever get to see him this way in public. Looking good, too!

As you can tell, the reasons for patronizing live theater are many and varied…

And now, a listing of the full cast and crew of The Stage Company’s production of “1776”: 

Members of the Continental Congress:

President: John Hancock (Matt Richardson)

Colonial Delegations:

New Hampshire: Dr. Josiah Bartlett (Amy Pfeffer)

Massachusetts: John Adams (David Carroll)

Rhode Island: Stephen Hopkins (Darrell Taylor)

Connecticut: Roger Sherman (Roger Martin)

New York: Lewis Morris (Jeremy Strubinger); Robert Livingston (Allen Gallamore)

New Jersey: Rev. John Witherspoon (Bill Clanahan)

Pennsylvania: Benjamin Franklin (Ron Gilliland); John Dickinson (Mike Malone); James Wilson (Chris Michel)

Delaware: Caesar Rodney (Jenni Carroll); Col. Thomas McKean (Josh Taylor); George Read (Gary Featherston)

Maryland: Samuel Chase (Tony Miller)

Virginia: Richard Henry Lee (Joe Warren); Thomas Jefferson (Matt Clanahan)

North Carolina: Joseph Hewes (Jim Crisman)

South Carolina: Edward Rutledge (Brett Russell)

Georgia: Dr. Lyman Hall (Richard Deason)


Secretary: Charles Thomson (Ken Warren)

Custodian: Andrew McNair (Jim Culbertson)


Abigail Adams (Ali Coates)

Martha Jefferson (Blythe Richardson)


Leather Apron (Maggie Cathey)

Courier (Jessie Greer)

Production Crew:

Stage Manager: Sharon Fraser

Lighting: Billie Slusher and Alex Freer

Set Design: Ron Gilliland

Set Construction and Flourishes: Darrell Taylor and Jim Davidson

Chief Costumers: Roger Martin and Jonann Martin


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