2014 Can Still be "A Year of Action"

Jul 18, 2014

During his State of the Union speech in January, President Obama said he hoped 2014 could be “a year of action.” Six months have passed since the President issued his challenge, but leaders in the Senate are still refusing to even hold a vote on common sense bills passed by the House. National news personalities like to refer to Congress as a “do-nothing” body. The truth is, Senate leaders have refused to take up 148 of the 189 bills the House has passed. These are bills that would ease burdensome regulations on small businesses and families, establish America’s energy independence and stop ObamaCare.


Like you, I am concerned about federal regulations imposed by the Obama Administration. In the House of Representatives, I am calling for increased accountability. H.R. 367, known as the REINS Act, requires Congressional approval for “major rules” imposed by the Washington bureaucrats. Unworkable rules and regulations should not be forced on individuals, families and businesses. America was founded on a system of checks and balances and Congress must be given the power to do so.


We are blessed to have tremendous natural resources right here in North America. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration and leaders in the Senate refuse to expand American energy production. The House passed H.R. 2231, the Offshore Energy and Jobs Act to expand U.S. offshore production. This legislation would give private industry the ability to create over one million new American jobs, lower energy prices, grow our economy and strengthen national security. The bill removes federal government barriers that block production of our own U.S. energy resources. If leaders in the Senate are serious about jobs, lower gas prices, a stronger economy and less reliance on the Middle East to meet our energy needs, they will pass the Offshore Energy and Jobs Act.


Finally, the House of Representatives has voted over 40 times to repeal President Obama’s healthcare law. From the beginning, opposition to ObamaCare has been strong and bipartisan. The law is keeping small businesses from growing and is causing monthly premiums to skyrocket for families who are struggling to make ends meet. The House of Representatives is committed to ending the harmful effects of ObamaCare and replacing the mandate with free-market centered ideas that will actually make healthcare affordable and accessible. Washington bureaucrats should never come between doctors and patients.


The House of Representatives has passed legislation to reign in intrusive government regulations, expand energy production, and end ObamaCare. Leaders in the Senate still have the opportunity to make 2014 a year of action by passing these bills. I urge Harry Reid and other Senate leaders to act.