4 Free Tickets Available for Christmas Program in Cape -TONIGHT-

Dec 03, 2009

UPDATE — The tickets have been claimed. Thanks for your interest!

Christmas at LaCroix is a wonderful celebration of music blended with the anticipation of Christmas. It is a wonderful evening that will delight the entire family.

Semo.net bought 20 tickets for Friday night’s Showing at 7pm at LaCroix Church in Cape Girardeau and four of them are not being used. So we would be happy to give them to you!!!! These $9 tickets are on Row C, and it won’t cost you a dime (well, unless you have to buy dinner at Olive Garden for your family before the show like I have to! :).

So come on…first email to Brian@semo.net saying I WANT THOSE TICKETS! will get them. We can arrange for you to pick them up at the semo.net office OR I can hand you the tickets at the event in Cape before the show.

Merry Christmas!