A Microsoft Store Near You - NOT

Feb 14, 2009

This past week, Microsoft announced that David Porter will head up their Retail Chain. Porter has spent the past two years with Dreamworks and 25 years before that with WalMart.

Unfortunately, here in Southeast Missouri, Microsoft will probably not be on a corner near us any time soon (or ever for that matter). But just like Apple users who trek to St Louis every few months for an IV injection of all things Apple, I’m sure a Microsoft store in St Louis would drain a few local gas tanks.

Confession: Even though my wife’s iPod is our only apple product, I cannot walk past an Apple store. The Apple logo in a like a giant bug light—drawing the geek in my through its doors. I’ve enjoyed the Apple flagship stores in New York and Chicago as well as smaller ones located in malls.

Just like every other company, Microsoft constantly needs to shift, re-shape, and re-market itself for the next generation. [insert your favorite Vista joke here!] I certainly look forward to walking into a Microsoft store complete with the latest in home entertainment, home networking, computing, gaming and more.