A “Thank You” to Patrol Base Kaufman!

Aug 30, 2008

It’s true, we’re being buffeted on all sides by the high cost of fuel, and by all the other prices that have shot into the stratosphere because of it. But it’s like they say: Whenever you’re having a perfectly hideous time of it, one of the best things you can do to regain a sense of contentment and balance is this…Find somebody out there that you can help, then focus on making that happen!

And, too, it is written (and you know, if it’s not actually written, then somebody ought to take this down right away):

Times may be hard,
the future may look rough;
but for a soldier in the field
anyone can score
a few Oreos with Double Stuff!

MSG Jeffrey Pennington with kids in the Thar Thar neighborhood in SamarraAnd as it happens, Oreo cookies are on a brief “wish list” that MSG Jeffrey Pennington sent to friends in a recent communication from his patrol base at Samarra, Iraq.

While he sent the list only to friends and family, I felt compelled to draw wider attention to the plight of MSG Pennington and his fellow soldiers in Iraq—because hey, one simple blog posting among faithful semo.net readers might well translate into a boatload more biscuits all around!

Let’s wow the folks at PB Kaufman with goodies from members of the semo.net community at large!

MSG Pennington cites the following crowd-pleasers:
Beef Jerky
Huggies Wet Wipes
Tuna and Crackers
DVDs of All Kinds

He suggests that anything else that stateside folk might want to send along would certainly be appreciated by the soldiers at PB Kaufman. (But—and I have this on good authority—don’t go with chocolate.)

So if you’re able to swing it, why not—maybe with your club, church, or family members—pull together a sturdy, well-bound goodie box and mail it to the address below:

MSG Jeffrey S. Pennington
1175th MP Company
FOB Brassfield-Mora
APO AE 09393

(Note: That’s the same as a U.S. address, so you don’t have to worry about ghastly overseas shipping costs!)


So many times we’d like to know just what we can do to make life easier for U.S. soldiers in Iraq. I think it’sMSG Jeffrey Pennington and comrade SFC Cunningham important for us to remember, at those times, that we don’t have to fly a plane in with Mariah Carey and Coldplay on board to make an impact.

A handful of cookies and the wild ride that is Ocean’s Eleven on DVD—simple items like these would bring a host of American smiles to desert duty far from home.

Something nicer to think about than a lot of what we’ve been thinking about lately, wouldn’t you say? A rag-tag Middle East outpost with U.S. soldiers from all over saying, “Boy! Another CARE package! These southeast Missouri people sure mean business!”

Let’s knock their socks off in Samarra! All aboard the Goodie Box Express!

* * * * * *