Voter Amendment Guide

Aug 04, 2014

Above: Senator Doug Libla Addresses an Audience at the Black River Coliseum

Poplar Bluff, Mo – In an effort to help our readers better understand the proposed amendments on the August 5 ballot, we asked state Senator Doug Libla to provide his insights as a legislator.

Amendment #1
Senator Libla – YES
This amendment is very important to not only sustaining our local family farms in our district and state, but to the reliability and affordability of quality food across the USA and the world. Misguided agendas of special interest groups, plus over-reaching state and federal regulatory agencies are and have been encroaching on private property rights.
Amendment #5
Senator Libla – YES
The right to bear arms is our constitutional right and I agree that our state should defend this right for its citizens to protect their families, homes and property with firearms. This amendment will also enshrine the “right to carry”.

Amendment #8
Senator Libla – YES
I find it embarrassing that we have to depend on the lottery for help in funding our veterans’ issues. Their needs should be guaranteed by the federal government. I have never been a fan of the lottery. However, it is projected to bring in much needed dollars to support our state veterans.

Amendment #9
Senator Libla – YES
I feel it very important to get our electronic communications protected from unreasonable searches. This includes all forms of equipment and data. Privacy in our communications should be held in the highest degree as technical advances continue at a brisk pace.