Angela Pearson Files For Ward 1 City Council

Dec 16, 2012
Angela Pearson from Ward 1 has decided to run for City Council

Angela Pearson from Ward 1 has decided to run for City Council

It is exciting to announce that Angela Pearson, who grew up in Ward 1, has decided to run against incumbent Ron Hendrix in the upcoming City Council election in April 2013. Pearson will be a strong candidate for the issues facing Ward 1 and Poplar Bluff in general.

From her Facebook page:

Angela spent several years of her youth living in South Poplar Bluff. She was raised in a household that grossed well below the living wage and grew up knowing the meaning of the word ‘poverty.’ Angela overcame her circumstances by earning her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and a Minor in Art from the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla. After graduation in 2005, she returned to Poplar Bluff and began her 7-year-long career specializing in helping those with physical and developmental disabilities.

In 2007, Angela and her husband, Julian, purchased their home in the Town and Country subdivision where they continue to reside with their two small children. The community she lives in is very important to her; Angela is the creator of the Poplar Bluff Help Wanted Facebook page which is a community resource where business owners and job seekers can connect with one another.

Passionate about Ward One, Angela’s interest is to give back to the community that she grew up in. Her priorities for Ward 1 are working to improve the infrastructure, repairing the levees, and encouraging more business development in South Poplar Bluff. strongly suggests that everyone “Like” Pearson’s facebook page: “Elect Angela Pearson” so you can get to know her over the next four months as the election draws near.