Attention DSL Customers in Windstream Areas - UPDATE

Feb 01, 2007

UPDATE: Windstream has installed additional network capacity and full service has been restored. We thank them for their help in this matter.

Dear user,

As you’ve probably noticed, many customers are experiencing reduced DSL peformance in Windstream service areas. We have been working with Windstream to determine the source of this problem, and now can report to you that the Windstream network uplink in the area has reached its maximum capacity. This is a problem with Windstream’s network, and affects all DSL customers in the area, not just customers.

Windstream tells us that they are working on installing additional network capacity, but they have not given us a due date for this yet.
We will keep you informed as we learn more. Thank you for your patience as the phone company corrects this issue.

Thank you, Technical Support