Braggin' Rights Game on Sat. @ 5pm on ESPN2

Dec 19, 2012

UPDATE: Missouri beats Illinois for fourth straight year. Final score: 82-73.

For college basketball lovers of the area, the Braggin’ Rights Game is a Christmas Season tradition: Missouri VS Illinois. In the late 70s and one of the first years of the series, my brother was going to Mizzou and he got tickets for my dad and me to see the game at the Checkerdome. What an experience. That rickety old building was rocking.

Illinois has dominated the series and their #10 ranking versus Missouri’s #12 should make this year’s matchup one of the best.

The game is scheduled to be on ESPN2 at 5pm on Saturday, December 22.

Read about the matchup.

Also, I ran across this video of an NBA player who used ALL of the backboard to make his shot count. Enjoy: