Brian Becker on Rick Carl and Company

May 07, 2008

It’s been two months since Rick and I have gotten together on air. Last month, I was at a conference in Las Vegas called CTIA Wireless which focused on all the new wireless products available. One of the coolest things coming down the road is FemtoCells.A FemtoCellVerizon's FemtoCell
FemtoCells are small devices you buy from your Cell Phone company and hook up to your home or business Internet connection. It becomes a small “cell tower” for your cell phone. Your calls go through your Internet connection and when you go outside, the calls are handed-off to the closest cell tower seamlessly.
Verizon announced their product last month to be released later this year for $50.

Rumors have AT&T on track to sell their product for $100.

Sony Releases – Wallet/Camera Combo

Wallet Camera
This new camera is Sony’s smallest yet. – Happy Mother’s Day eCard
Is And Be
Ben (9 years old) and Isaac (10 years old) have been friends since before they could walk and have now teamed up to create a new cartoon eCard series. Their first release is a “Happy Mother’s Day” eCard which is a perfect glimpse of what a mother’s life can be when she has kids running around. To support these boys and their hard work, please send this link on to as many friends as possible…and especially your mother.

The boys have already written the script for their next cartoon…a “Happy Birthday Surprise!”

Now This Is A Display!

9xMedia has created the ultimate Family Room TV Experience!

Now that’s what I call Sweet!