Brian Becker on Rick Carl and Company

Mar 04, 2009

Time-Warner Hints to Over-The-Top Television service
Over-the-top TV has long-been the “cable network death-knell” because it provides TV programs over the Internet to your computer or television. In some ways Netflix provides this by allowing you to pick television shows to watch. All of CBS television programs are available on the Internet the day after they air, and who hasn’t heard of Hulu? But now that Time Warner has divested itself of any cable networks, it is hinting that its programming (CNN & TNT) will be available online.

MAC Pro goes Octo-Processor!
The new Mac Pro got a sweet redesign using the new Intel Nahalem processor. Priced at $3500 will scare off a lot of people, but for the true power-hungry user, this thing rocks.

EyeFi – Making Digital Photo Storage Easy

EyeFi - wireless SD

EyeFi - wireless SD

I know this product has been around a while, but it is just so cool. If your camera takes a SD card, then you need one of these. After setting it up, you take pictures, bring your camera back in range of your home network wireless router and VIOLA! your photos are transferred automatically to your hard drive-no cables, it is so simple! They also work with popular photo sites like ShutterFly and Flickr. The EyeFi ranges in price from $66 to $100 for a 2Gb card.