Brian Becker on Rick Carl & Company

Nov 04, 2009

Apple iPhone: Jailbreaking & Unlocking and Related Security Problems
jailbreaking – the act of “freeing” a phone or computer from its manufacturer’s limitations
unlocking – the act of opening a phone so that it can be used on another network

A Netherlands-based hacker broke into some iPhones that had been “jailbroken” because of a security flaw in the code. The hacker placed a message on the screen that the user should pay 5 euros (more than $7) via pay pal to find out how to secure the phone.

Apple has taken steps in their latest firmware to prevent jailbreaking/unlocking.

Windows 7 – A Great OS (operating system)
Even despite the Apple ads that laugh at the OS woes of Windows-past, this new Windows 7 is a great operating system and worth the upgrade. will upgrade your computer for as little as $59.95 + the cost of the software from Windows (you can bring in your own or buy an upgrade from us for $129). Most newer computers can handle the upgrade but some might require new memory. If you need your computer data backed up before the upgrade, we can do that for you as well.

DroidGoogle’s Android Appears with Verizon as “Droid”
Less than two years ago, Google announced that they were releasing an open-access, mobile phone software platform. T-Mobile and Sprint have released phones with Google’s mobile phone OS. Now Verizon along with Motorola have designed their first offering dubbed: Droid. This phone has lots of promise and the buzz is that the phone will live up to the hype.

Great Kids Christmas Present
Give your child a three-class tutor session on how to program computers. Taught by Ben, Jack and Brian Becker. Email for more information.