What were they talking about?

Nov 05, 2008

I joined Rick Carl and Company on Wednesday morning and these are the items we spoke about. Rick allows me to go on his show on KWOC on the first Wednesday of every month at 8:08am to talk about computers, technology and gadgets.

Using Google to search as specific web site is easy to do with Google’s “site:domainname” command. Add the command to any search string to limit the search, for instance, “tyler hansbrough site:youtube.com” to limit your search just to YouTube.com. Another example would be used to find any references to a local town in a particular newspapers (“Poplar Bluff site:stltoday.com“)

Edgar Allen Poe – The Murders in the Rue Morgue published 1841
Rick was discussing the wonderful short story by Poe this morning after yesterday’s trivia question. Because this story by Poe is in the public domain, you can read the entire story online.

Drummer Wanna-be T-Shirt
Here’s a great gift idea for those who are constantly “drumming” with their hands…an actual t-shirt that has 7 drum sounds built in. That’s right, hit your chest in one of seven different areas and “You’ve Got Drums!”

Check it out at ThinkGeek.com for $29.99.

The Retro Bluetooth Handset for Your Cellphone

Who wants to hook a bluetooth headset over or around your ear when you can get a cramp in your neck by pinching a handset between your head and shoulder! That’s right, you can now take calls the old fashioned way…by holding a huge, cordless, bluetooth handset to the side of your head!

Another ThinkGeek.com product for $29.99

Trouble Waking or Getting Your Child out of Bed in the Morning?
This is one incredibly loud way to wake up! If you (or someone you love) needs more than the normal chirping, buzzing or rocking out to Z95 to wake up…this just might be the perfect gift.

This alarm sounds a extra loud sonic-boom wake-up blast and a matching earthquake-style bed shaker that is bound to get your heavy-sleeper out of bed.
From x-tremeGeek.com for $39.97

Space Age Ant Farm
Based on a 2003 NASA project, this self-contained Ant Farm is a great way to enjoy one of nature’s powerful and workaholic bugs…The Ant.

Your kids will enjoy watching the tunnel-maze created by the ants, and you never need to feed or water them because they get their sustenance from the gel while they tunnel.

$29.99 for the kit plus around $10 for ants purchased separately.

If you can get Poplar Bluff’s City Cable service, then you should switch to semo.net’s Internet service and save money!

Half-price means savings of almost $15 per month on the 256k plan, $17.50 on the 512k plan and $22 on the 1-meg account for the next six months. Go faster, spend less and do more!