Brian Becker on Rick Carl & Company

Dec 03, 2008

FCC and White Space Devices
Two articles for more information.
Thinking Alpha
Wikipedia (more technical)

Advent in your Home
For the past three years, our family has enjoyed our Sunday evening family Advent service. This year, Toni and I are sharing our Advent service so you can enjoy Advent at home too.

Print Your Phone-Pics
Ever held your phone in your hand with a great photo on it and thought…if only I could print this! Well, now you can with this bluetooth enabled printer!

8-bit Tie – Priceless
Now…this, is a tie for the true Geek! I’m sure that businessmen will not be flocking to work with this tie around their neck, but I can also asure you that the geeks on your Christmas shopping list will find a place to wear this tie.

A Geek’s Dream-Shirt
For anyone who has wandered around searching for WIFI access, this shirt is the bomb! Of course, the 6 steps necessary to follow in order to wash the shirt might just be the down fall for this product.

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