Brian Becker on Rick Carl & Company

Apr 01, 2009

On the slate for topics this morning with Rick Carl & Company, we will be talking about:

Conficker Virus

The Conficker worm is a computer worm that can infect your computer and spread itself to other computers across a network automatically, without human interaction. If you have an updated version of an AntiVirus program, you should not be at risk.

How Do I know if I have Conficker
To quickly find out if your PC might be one of the millions infected by Conficker, try clicking to,, and If you can get to these sites, you’re cool. But if your browser will not let you access any of these websites, then you very likely are infected with Conficker.

How does it work?
Conficker Virus

What if I get the Virus?
If you suspect that you have the virus (or any virus) that you contact your local computer repair service.’s Certified Service technicians are the best technicians in the area and our prices are lower than every other repair or service center. Call 573.686.9114. charges only $33.50 to remove viruses from your computer!!!! Hydra Internet Service makes the Wall Street Journal

Making a splash yesterday in Newspapers coast to coast, was touted as developing a service using a product from Mushroom Networks. This new offering was developed and designed by the employees of in cooperation with the design team from Mushroom Networks.

This new service offering was picked up by Wall Street Journal and several quotes from me were highlighted on the WSJ web site.

Wall Street Journal’s Blog about the press we have received on our Hydra service

Windows 7.0 – Preview

We’ve been testing Windows 7.0, Microsoft’s latest operating system, and it is exactly what PC owners have been waiting for. The final release of W7 isn’t due out til the fall or later, but our technicians installed the beta software on one of our test systems that had XP previously. All of the installed programs running on W7 run faster than on XP, and when compared to Vista it is an even more impressive increase. is already gearing up for the release of Windows 7.0 because we are in the process of creating a Windows 7 Upgrade Center. We will take your computer, upgrade your ram and your operating system for one low price that will beat the competition in price and turnaround time. At this point, our testing of Windows 7.0 gives us the confidence to suggest an upgrade to EVERYONE running Vista and will be recommending it for most computers running XP if your processor and RAM qualify.