Brian Becker on Rick Carl & Company

Jun 03, 2009

Microsoft’s Project Natal
Project Natal is a new controller for the XBox 360 that uses a 3d camera, depth motion sensors and voice recognition to control your games. This takes interaction to a whole new level.

Microsoft Windows 7 Release Date Set For Oct 22
MS will release W7 just in time for the holdiay shoppers. Though there are rumors about MS considering a discounted price for Vista users who “need” to upgrade to a viable operating system, MS has not given any details about the plans.

Kids Programming Class
Ben (10) & Jack (8) Becker will be teaching a kids programming class starting next Tuesday (June 8) using the Scratch programming language developed by MIT.

New Image Search Engine
Not using keywords, but actual images, this new search engine uses recognition software to find similar images on the net. For now they are touting it for copyright infringement, but it could be used to find where that photo of you in college has been posted.