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Oct 07, 2009

Windows 7.0
Windows 7 is just days away with a release date of 10-22-09. Is your PC ready for Windows 7? Download Microsoft’s Advisor to find out. I have no idea what takes so long to determine compatibility…my laptop took over 10 minutes to get an answer. My Sony laptop (new in February 2006) running XP passed as long as I free up 12G of hard drive space (easy enough by I dumping “My Pictures” onto an external drive).

Don’t want to do the upgrade yourself?’s certified technicians can do the upgrade for as little as $59.95 plus the cost of Win7 upgrade software ($119 – $210). Call 686.9114 today for information about your upgrade.

Apple Tablet Rumors Continue
You can find tons of rumors on the new Apple product and whether it will be an ebook reader, large iTouch or Newton 2.0. Dvorak uses reason and rumor to gives his opinion on what this new device will do.

Google Android Coming To Verizon
T-Mobile & Sprint have already released a version of the Google Android phone, but in S.E. Missouri that doesn’t do much for you. But earlier this month, Google & Verizon announced that the open-platform phone was coming to the “Can You Hear Me Now” network. AT&T, home of the iPhone, has yet to agree that the Android can be used on their network.

Google AppEngine Goes Java
For two years, Google’s development platform (known as Google App Engine) was only available for the Python programming language. But last month, Google released a Java version of the application development system. For those who program, Google has developed a powerful, scalable platform for your web applications.

Saturn Has Invisible Ring
According to an article posted today, Saturn has an invisible ring up to 7.4 million miles from it’s surface. Still Looking For Writers
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