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Dec 05, 2007

Latest Article by Toni Thopmson
During this time of year, this article encourages everyone to reach out and touch the lives of the lonely. This article describes an angel at an skilled-nursing facility and the quote that begins this article is gripping: She leans toward me and almost whispers: “Loneliness is real, honey. It catches hold to so many good people in a place like this, I can’t tell you. Takes the heart right out of them. But what’s left after that, it can go on breathing for years.”

Slingbox – Hottest Products of 2007 List
Slingbox allows you to watch your home’s television on your computer even when you are not home over the Internet. You must have a broadband connection at both locations.

Ooma – Two Phone Lines For Free – Kinda
With Ooma, you pay $399 for your phone hub, plug it into your broadband Internet connection, and into your home phones. There are no monthly bills and ooma promises free local and domestic long distance phone calls. Ooma allows you to keep your regular phone land-line service if you choose so that 911 works locally AND you still have phone service if your Internet goes down.
Trade Stocks for $0/trade

Verizon Wireless Makes A Huge Shift In Thinking
In November, the most profitable U.S. cellular company decided to join Google’s project and open their network to outside devices. This will dramatically drive down the cost of phones and increase the variety available. While Verizon currently has about 50 phones that can be used on their network, opening up the market to third-party manufacturers will greatly increase the buyer’s options. Support will be the key…because Verizon will not help when your phone isn’t working.

Nintendo Wii Game Console – Poor Supply drives Price Hike
Last month you could buy the Nintendo Wii for $250…but poor supply has driven the price at retailers like Wal-Mart up over double to $677.

While other video game console manufacturers like Microsoft and Sony had already officially reduced the prices for their Next Gen consoles : Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 respectively at least once. Nintendo Wii has never experienced an official price cut, and now retailers in the United States are reporting that the wholesale price for the Nintendo Wii has increased by a large percentage. [read article]

Games for Wii
If you already have a Wii, here are some great games for kids to play with their parents.
SuperMario Galaxy

Cabella’s Big Game Hunter

For the Cold Office – USB Heated Typing Gloves

USB Flash Drives with Flare

iPod (iJohn) Bathroom Docking Station