Brick’s in June: $3000 Challenge; Trucks Gone Wild!

Jun 12, 2008

bricks-2128.jpgMaybe you’re already part of the tribe.

Maybe you already know what it’s like to thrill to the sound of engines screaming at full-throttle all sdn-scott-12.jpgaround you. To escape the civilized world of paved pathways and “put the pedal to the metal”, tearing forth, slamming on brakes, spinning out of control then peeling out again with what’s left of your bearings—both literally and otherwise.

Or, hey—maybe you like mud. Maybe it likes you. Big-time.

sdn-scott-4.jpgWell, if you’re into off-roading of any kind, and can get to Poplar Bluff, then do plan to attend the little tea party Brick’s Off Road Park’s arranged for June 21-22. On that weekend, the stakes will be at an all-time high—and there won’t be any shortage of sludge to motor through, either!

The Brick’s $3000 Mud Truck Challenge in June is sure to be a powerful draw for both mud mavens and the curious alike—especially since the nationally-known Trucks Gone Wild crew will be covering the whole monster-truck showdown on video!

sdn-scott-14.jpg“Basically, we’re challenging people to go down a slough—and if somebody’s able to get in, go down 300 feet, and get out on their own, they’ll get $3000,” explains Scott Brickell, who, with his father Jay, opened Brick’s Off Road Park 2 ½ years ago as Brick’s 4×4 Farm.

“No one’s been able to manage it yet,” says Brickell of the 300-foot mud gauntlet, adding that there’ssdn-_1-mudrunner.jpg actually been a standing offer at Brick’s of $1000 for the driver who could accomplish the feat.

sdn-freddycamino.jpgNow in the totally bizarre event that more than one person can suddenly pull it off on the June “Challenge” weekend, the one with the fastest time will go home both filthy and rich—and maybe even famous, courtesy of the DVD wizards from Orlando-based Trucks Gone Wild.

“We thought we could really bump up interest if we took it up to $3000,” Brickell says, reporting that now “people from Minnesota to Texas say they’re coming” for the June event, and a shot at that colossal payday.sdn-scott-2.jpg

The weekend promises to be one of non-stop action, adrenaline, friendship, family, fun, and an incredible amount of automotive racket—music to the ears of die-hards in the mud pits and their environs.

sdn-scott-1.jpgNot up to being a star attraction in the $3000 Mud Truck Challenge? Not to worry, many will be catching the Brick’s vibe as spectators to the main event, or enjoying a broad range of other off-roading options that include ATV drag racing; rock crawling; hill climbing; and simply tooling about along miles of lovely wooded trails.

Bring a cooler and some lawn chairs. Fire up your grill ringside. Camp out for the weekend, if you like, bricks-922.jpgknowing there’s a fabulous new addition that will revolutionize the Brick’s Experience for all time: bathroom and shower accommodations on-site, to be up and running by June 21! (The next sound you hear might well be that of the region’s off-Road Warriors breathing a collective sigh of relief after 2 ½ years of real natural challenges.)

sdn-scott-10-2.jpgIt’s not every day that a quarter-hour of high-intensity horsing around can boil down to $200 a minute for one lucky, nutty mud bogger with a monster 4×4 and a dream.

Jay and Scott Brickell invite you to come down and get ready for your close-up when Trucks Gone Wild trains its cameras on the Brick’s $3000 Mud Truck Challenge!


For more information, call Brick’s at 573-718-7388!

(photos provided by Brick’s Off Road Park)

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