Butler County Election Results

Nov 04, 2014

Republican Candidate Emily Clark Parks won Tuesday night’s election for the Butler County Collector’s Office by 437 votes. Her total votes were 3,974 versus Write-In Candidate Tammy Marler’s 3,537 votes. Democrat Chris Michel obtained 889 votes.

Clark, the official Republican candidate, won 47.31 percent of the county’s votes and slightly over 5 percent more than Marler’s write-in votes.

By 8:15 p.m. all 27 Butler County precincts had reported in, having had to carry their boxes of ballots up the stairs of the Butler County Courthouse because the elevator was not working.

According to the still uncertified election results, 8,592 ballots were cast in Butler County, giving a voter turnout rate of 34.6 percent of the county’s registered voters.

In the other races and measures on the ballot, Butler County voters supported Republican Tom Schweich for State Auditor with 83 percent of the county’s vote. Republican Jason Smith won support as U.S. Representative for the 8th District with 74 percent of the vote. Republican Todd Richardson won almost 99 percent of the vote for State Representative for the 152nd District.

Republican Steve Cookson had 87 percent of the vote for State Representative for the 153rd District versus Libertarian Ginny Keirns. Republican Michael Pritchett won almost 99 percent of the vote for Circuit 36 Judge, and Democrat John Blood worth retained his Associate Circuit Judgeship for Dvision II. Republican John Shock retained the Division III Associate Judgeship.

Republican Vince Lampe is Presiding Commissioner for Butler County; and Republican Cynthia Bowman is Circuit Court Clerk. Tonyi Defendall is Clerk of the county Commission. Recorder of Deeds is Republican Debby Lundstrom, Republican Kevin Barbour is Prosecuting Attorney, and County Treasurer is Republican Joe Humphrey.

Butler County voted Yes on Constitutional Amendment 2; No on Amendment 3; No on Amendment 6; and Yes on Amendment 10.