Internet Outage on Wednesday Late Afternoon

Jan 09, 2008

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved, and cable internet is functioning normally.

We are currently experiencing a cable internet outage. This is due to our block of addresses used for Cable Internet service is not being properly routed by our upstream provider (AT&T).

We announces to the world that our block of IPs can be serviced through AT&T (this is done by using BGP). AT&T has somehow lost one block of our IP addresses in their routing table that tells them where to send data. At this time, all our cable customers use the IP address of 205.147.108-110.0. Your requests and data are going out to the Internet just fine, but when the server you are interacting with tries to respond, the data gets to a specific point on AT&T’s network and starts ping-ponging between two routers.

Basically, one router looks at the IP address and passes the data to another router and says, “this is for you.” That router looks at the IP address and passes it back to the original router and says, “this is for you.” and then it starts all over again. At the point that the routers realized they’ve passed the data more than x times…it just throws the data away.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we are working hard to get AT&T to correct the issue.