City Alleges Owes $120,000 and Files Counter-Petition

Apr 07, 2011

Today received a counterclaim from the City of Poplar Bluff with three counts claiming that has not paid all invoices in full and owes $120,000. We want to assure the citizens of Poplar Bluff that we filed a letter of dispute with every payment made since the new rates went into effect last fall. We filed our dispute according to the process stated in the “Municipal Utilities and City Cable Policy Manual Appendix C” and filed an appeal as explained in step S3:03. However, the city did not schedule a de novo dispute hearing before the Municipal Utilities Advisory Board after we asked on a number of occasions for the dispute hearing to be scheduled.

This seemingly reflects poorly on my company on the surface, but we properly disputed the bills and, as set forth in our petition, we believe the bills are improper.

For those interested, you may download the petition filed against us by the City of Poplar Bluff.