College Organization Made Easy

Feb 18, 2010

As a college student, I find it increasingly difficult to stay organized. Keeping up with assignments, homework, due dates and various other stress-inducing factors can be a serious headache. I’ve tried several different organizational methods, from calendars to online document storage, but nothing ever seemed centralized enough to meet my needs.

Enter Soshiku. It might sound like a variety of sushi, but there is nothing fishy about this web application.

Soshiku allows you to keep all your courses, files, due dates and notes in one password-protected location. You can share notes with other users, get text messages about upcoming assignments, set up to-do lists, plus many other useful features. You can manage up to seven classes at any given time, which is great for those with a larger course load.

Best of all, since many of us are budget-minded students in a less than thriving economy, Soshiku is 100% free.

I highly recommend giving Soshiku a spin!