Corner Stop Cafe on Downtown Dexter

Oct 27, 2014

Photo: Corner Stop Cafe owner Phyliss Kull

Owner Phyllis Kull started her downtown eatery here more than four years ago. She said the fact that she has no walk-in freezers and no deep fryers adds to the ambience of her cafe.

Kull said she’s living a dream.

“Everything is fresh,” she said. “Our food is made fresh daily.”

Kull said she traveled all over the country to find a place like Dexter.

“It is really a good town,” she noted. “It’s slow” in a good way.

“It’s financially healthy,” she continued. “And the people here strive to preserve downtown.”

Kull noted she’s had her work cut out for her offering fresh items to southern palates.

“The Nothing Like It Chicken Sandwich has become very popular here,” she said.

The sandwich is made with fresh chicken salad, cranberry, smoked Gouda cheese and Granny Smith apple slices served on Texas toast.