Counting Down To Open Access -- Less Than 1300 Signatures Needed

Oct 10, 2011

The Open Access Petition group got a surge of signatures over the weekend, pushed well past the 1/2 way point and now have less than 1300 signatures remaining to put the Open Access issue to a vote of the people.

Poplar Bluff City Manager, Doug Bagby, was reported in the Daily American Republic on June 6 as saying, “‘roughly 2900 signatures’ are needed to put the issue on the ballot.”

Brian Becker, owner of, stated, “Our group gathered more than 300 signatures in under 10 hours this weekend. The support for this being on the ballot is amazing.”

The group continues to need financial support for the petition. If you are interested in contributing between $1 and $1000 to the Open Access Petition group, please select from one of the following ways:

By credit card – call at this special number 208-264-7052. Monday thru Friday, 7am-6pm and let them know you are wanting to support the Open Access group by a credit card contribution.

By check – make your check out to and put “Open Access” in the memo. Send your check to SEMO.NET. P.O. Box 190. Poplar Bluff, MO 63902.

By PayPal – log in to PayPal. Click “Send Money” and enter, the amount and put Open Access contribution in your comments.

By Cash – stop by and hand them cash and tell them it is for Open Access Petition.