Designer Bras on Display for a Good Cause

Oct 01, 2014

POPLAR BLUFF – With the myriad of “challenges” and “paint-the-town” efforts, it’s clear that our country cares about fighting cancer and other diseases. Though the efforts and fundraisers take on many forms, Poplar Bluff’s Artfully Framed owner, Barbara Luke Pelton, has moved the Breast Cancer cause into the artistic realm.

“We originally wanted to come up with a way to celebrate National Art and Framing Month, which falls in October,” explained Pelton. Then it occurred to her that October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and she decided to combine the two.

Pelton got together with Poplar Bluff’s United Cancer Assistance Network (UCAN), and developed “UCAN Love Art!” Originally, works of art created by local artists were auctioned. After the third year, the idea then further developed into decorating and painting bras. The UCAN Love Art event changed its name to Bluff Bras.

The bras were a total hit! Pelton said the artists loved the novelty of decorating the bras for a good fundraising cause.

This year’s reception for the event will be held tonight (Thursday, Oct. 2) at Artfully Framed from 5 to 7 p.m.

Funds are raised in three ways. At the event, tokens are available to purchase and deposit in your favorite Bluff Bra. The designer’s bra with the most tokens wins a spa pedicure from Prestige Salon. The runner up will win a framed work of art from renowned artist Rosemary Claus-Gray.

Later in the evening, each of the bras will be auctioned off: some in a live auction and some in a silent auction.

The third way Bluff Bras raises money is that they ask each of the highest bidders to display their bra-art at their place of business for the month of October with a donation jar included to receive funds from the public.

Owners of bras from previous events are also encouraged to set their bras out for display and to take donations.

Surprisingly, Pelton says these artistic bras end up in venues all over the state, far from Poplar Bluff. One pretty little number has been rumored to have enjoyed a stint in the Governor’s office.

The idea has become so popular, other communities are developing their own artistic bra fundraisers. All proceeds will go to UCAN.