Funke Takes A Leap of Faith

Oct 20, 2014



Tim Funke sees October 24-30 as a week to put faith in motion.

That is the week scheduled for the film, “A Matter of Faith” to be shown at Poplar Bluff’s AMC Showplace Theatre.

The film is about a Christian girl who goes off to college for her freshman year. Once there, she is heavily influenced by her biology professor, who teaches that evolution is the answer to the origins of life on earth.

Her father decides he needs to take action in order to keep his daughter from drifting away from her foundations of faith.

Funke says he first ran cross the movie on a website, and it struck a chord with him.

“I just hate bad science,” explained Funke. “I don’t care whether the topic is global warming or evolution, there are a lot of people who will throw those out to you as fact, without any real basis.”

He continues to believe those of faith must speak out equally strongly about the faith side of the story.

After checking out the movie, he found that it isn’t being shown everywhere.

“Basically, I found out that to bring it to Poplar Bluff, we had to pay the costs of getting the movie here, and we basically had to be able to promise to sell at least 1,000 tickets,” explained Funke.

Aire Solutions Tim FunkeAs a long time owner of Aire Solutions in Poplar Bluff, and as a member of both the business and faith communities, Funke felt led to get the film to Poplar Bluff.

“We’ve had a lot of good feedback from folks, and we’ve had some pre-sold tickets, but I’m guessing the majority of people who want to see it will just show up to buy tickets at the door. But all indications are that this film will do very well in Poplar Bluff,” said Funke.

“It really is one of those films that family and friends can go to see and feel that they’ve seen something of real value. It could even change someone’s life,” explained Funke. “That is very rare these days. So often we go to see things that have no real lasting value for us. This is something worth seeing.”

To buy tickets online go to AMC SHOWPLACE 8

SEMO TIMES salutes Tim Funke and Aire Solutions for their efforts to bring this movie to our community.