Gov Nixon Visits Kennett High School

Nov 14, 2014

Gov. Nixon visits Kennett High School to meet with students, recognize innovative program used by the school to keep at-risk students in school 

KENNETT – Gov. Jay Nixon today visited Kennett High School to meet with students, teachers and staff and to discuss the school’s successful implementation of the Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) program, which is designed to keep at-risk students in school to earn their degrees. The Governor, who was named as a member of JAG’s national board of directors this summer, held a roundtable with students participating in the program before speaking to a student assembly at the school.

“Earning a high school degree is the first step toward getting a higher education or on-the-job training necessary to advance in a good career,” Gov. Nixon said. “Many students face challenges to accomplish that goal, but the JAG program has been successful at Kennett High School and at high schools across the country to keeping those students in school. As we look at continuing our investment in education, Kennett’s use of the JAG program is a proven model.”

The Governor said his administration would continue to make public education the state’s top priority.

“We know that quality public schools are vital to the success of our students and the strength of our economy, and that’s why public education needs to be the state’s top priority,”Gov. Nixon said. “Providing the kind of world-class education our kids need and deserve isn’t free, so it’s vital we continue to work in a bi-partisan way to get the necessary resources out to our classrooms and campuses.”

The Governor also praised Kennett schools for having a graduation rate of 93.3 percent, almost six points above the state average, and for having more than 70 percent of recent graduates go on to higher education.