How Long Until The DAR Reports It?

Feb 10, 2013

I’ve known for several years that the DAR was on the City’s side regarding my case against the City. It’s been easy to see how the reporting and headlines seemingly favor the City. Last summer, the city filed three motions and the judge denied them all. We walked out of the court very thrilled with our progress. The next day the headline read: Judge Denies Two Motions Becker and City Case You had to flip to the fourth paragraph before you got to the point that it was the City who got their motions denied.

Back when we first filed against the City, it took 5 days for our story to be newsworthy. But two days later, how did we find out that the City was suing us? That’s right, it appeared in the newspaper BEFORE we actually got our copy of the lawsuit from the city.

On January 23rd, the Judge again gave us a positive ruling…but the City’s defeat didn’t make it into the DAR.

Back in November when city police began stealing my campaign signs on election day, the DAR reported it as though they had every right to do so. They even gave a tally of all the signs that were seized. It was front page headlines for three days about the city investigating on behalf of the Missouri Ethics Commission. Judges issuing multiple subpoenas and search warrants in an effort to incriminate me. But it must be “yesterday’s news” that on Tuesday of last week the Ethics Commission dismissed the case against me…because it wasn’t in the DAR.

For that reason, I’ve started the DAR Watch over on the right of the home page. Let’s just see how long it takes for the DAR to print good news about me or

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