New Business-Class Internet Service for Poplar Bluff

Jan 22, 2009

One of the biggest problems with providing Internet access to business customers is:
ALL types of internet services fail at some time.

Whether its a T1, wireless, cable internet, or DSL, no one platform is perfect. We here at have been working on a new service that reduces downtime and increases bandwidth for business customers.
Introducing Hydra!
With speeds as high as 20mb/s download and 9mb/s upload, this new service provides your business network with a minimum of 3 different types of connections (or transports) to the Internet and at least two different Internet service providers.

A good analogy would be a business who supplemented their electrical service with a wind mill, solar panels, battery back-up and auto-start generator. Barring a natural disaster, a business with this much redundancy will have power.

Hydra is a mythological water creature with multiple heads that was very difficult to kill…what a perfect name for our new service.

This Internet service is resilient, reliable and reasonable with prices starting at $500/month.

For installation costs, terms and other questions, please contact me.

Brian Becker
573.686.9114 x 7