Dec 17, 2008

New area of Broadband Internet Opened
South of Poplar Bluff near Harviell – 5-mile range!

Do you want broadband Internet in your area? semo.net has begun a new program to help. We will attempt to deploy wireless service to areas once 30 customers sign up in a 2-mile radius!*


What does it cost? The service, installation and equipment costs of $698 are prepaid for the first year and $33.95/month during the second year. Once we have 30 2-year agreements for an area we can service with a single tower, we will contact each customer for a down payment of $399. When the new tower is constructed and your service is installed you will be charged $299 which completes your total pre-payment for your first year of service at 256k. Starting in the 13th month, you will be charged the monthly at a rate of $33.95.

Why do I pay the first year up front? semo.net must have at least 30 customers for two years to make it feasible to provide wireless service in a particular area. This is the best avenue for semo.net to guarantee that our investment is directed to the right areas.

Can I get more than 256k? Yes. To double your speed you can upgrade to 512k service, you will be billed a $10/month upgrade fee. To upgrade your 256k service to a full 1 megabit service, you will be billed a $20/month upgrade fee. Upgrades may be performed at any time during your service term.

How long will it take to get installed? Once semo.net has received 30 agreements from customers in a regional area we can target with wireless service, we will contact those customer and collect their initial payment of $399. It will take approximately 120 days to begin providing the service. The fastest way to get it going is to get all your neighbors to sign up!

What will it cost after the second year? During your second year of service, your monthly fee will be $33.95/month for 256k service. If you choose to continue service for a 3rd year, the current wireless rates will apply (currently at $23.95/month for those signing another 2 year agreement).

How do I sign up? Fill out our Wireless Internet Service Agreement, drop it by the office (or fax it) and then get your neighbors to do the same! The agreement is online at http://semo.net/WirelessAgreement/.

If you want broadband, now it’s up to you and how quickly you can get your neighbors to sign up.

* communities that are further than 15 miles outside Poplar Bluff will need to sign up additional customers (10 additional customers for each 20 miles outside Poplar Bluff).