T1/MPLS & Fiber

When Internet connectivity is mission critical to your company, service outages can result in loss of business and revenue. In order to prevent such loss, you need to upgrade beyond standard broadband options to Semo.net’s Managed IP services.

Semo.net’s network is multihomed with two of the largest tier one Internet providers in the world, SBC and AT&T. That allows us the ability to quote networks from both providers, which in turn gives us options to suit you with the best value for your needs. It also nearly guarantees constant connectivity to the Internet with redundant DS3 connections.

Our T1 and managed IP services as well as Fiber-based services are the premium level of mission critical Internet services. Our large coverage area and network base allows for very aggressive full and fractional T1 Frame-Relay network pricing regardless if you have one or a dozen locations. We also specialize in Firewall security and VPN networks as well as FDIC and HIPAA compliance. Combined with our Information Technology outsourcing options, Semo.net is your one stop shop for all of your Internet WAN & LAN needs.

If you are ready to take the next step to mission critical Internet service, then give us a call to discuss your options and how we may assist your business.

Due to frequent price changes in the market place and existing vendor agreements some pricing cannot be published. Call 573.686.9114 for up to date pricing and availability.