Is your New Years Resolution to Sling More Mud?

Dec 27, 2006
Weekend Activities for Brick’s 2nd Annual New Year’s Eve Run
If you are interested in participating or being a spectator in any of today’s activities then please read the below information. Please remember Brick’s is a Stress Free Zone!!
Concessions available at the building next to the front office.
Thanks for coming to Brick’s; let’s make it a great day!!!!

The order in which you sign up for the “Mud Truck Challenge” and the “Hill Climb Challenge” is the order at which you will run the Challenge…First one to complete the Challenge gets the CASH!!!

$1000 Mud Truck Challenge!!!

-There is a $10 entry fee and you must sign up and pay for the challenge at the front office before Noon on Saturday.
-A Brick’s representative will meet you at Teddy and Matt’s Mud pit at 1 pm.
-You will be required to ride a minimum of 300 feet up or down the mud pit under your own power.

$500 Hill Climb Challenge!!!

-There is a $5 entry fee and you must sign up for the challenge at the front office before 1pm on Saturday.
-A Brick’s Representative will meet you at Motor Hill at 2 pm on Saturday.
-You will be required to wear a seat belt and a helmet (provided) and make it to the “Top of the Rock” under your own power. No wenching or assistance of any kind is allowed!!

Trophy Drag Racing!!!

-ATVs Only
-There is no entry fee but you must sign up at the front office by 2 pm on Saturday and HELMETS ARE REQUIRED!!!!
-One trophy will be awarded to THE fastest ATV each Saturday.
-A Brick’s representative will arrive at the Drag Strip at 3 pm for the “run off”.
-Serious Drag Strip bikes ONLY!!!

$50 “Glow Stick” Scavenger Hunt

-ATVs only
-This event will run both Saturday and Sunday
-Sign up at the office upon arrival.
-Meet at the concession building which is located at the front gate at 4 pm for a quick briefing and a one hour Scavenger hunt which will take you all over the park.

Enter these events at your own risk!!!!!