June: The Merry Month of Matrimony!

Jun 05, 2008

I was suddenly moved to take a look at the calendar the other day—a tendency that’s not really in my nature, but there you are.

And you know what? I realized we’re right in the beginning of the serious wedding season, and folks are planning nuptials, arranging trips, and spending money like they’re in Vegas! (Of course now that I think of it, actually a lot of them are, in fact, in Vegas…)

What’s more, we’re seeing an ever-more intriguing mixture of tradition and innovation in relation to wedding ceremonies themselves; the vows that are spoken by prospective brides and grooms; the focus and itinerary of today’s honeymoons (bungee jumping, anyone?); and even, increasingly, the matter of a surname for the bride, any children born into the union—and in some cases, indeed, for the groom.

Seeing as how it’s June, which is still clearly the dominant month for weddings in the United States, we’re going to set aside the explosive conclusion of Monday’s hard-hitting, unflinchingly courageous report on the “air guitar revolution” (oh, you deluded child…)…at least long enough to explore some of the more fascinating developments on the matrimonial front!

Here are some stats to lend a bit of perspective…

Stay tuned to semo.net for the story of a recent Poplar Bluff wedding that the bride and groom lovingly brought to the senior-care facility where they work. Also during this month, we’ll have a look at wedding vows, old and new; check out some unique ideas for enhancing that special day; and hear from one Poplar Bluff bride-to-be who’ll share her take on the name game; she’ll discuss why the easiest surname to go with doesn’t always bring the most personal satisfaction.

Some experts suggest that the average wedding now costs well upward of $20,000; I thought it might be worthwhile to start our little exploration with a list of smart, thoughtful, non-cheesy steps couples can take to hold costs down for their big day, courtesy (the North Carolina-based) newsobserver.com.

Maybe you yourself can benefit from what self-confessed coupon-maniac Sue Stock of newsobserver.com has to say about trimming the fat!

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