Kennett City Council Meeting

Aug 20, 2014

KENNETT, Mo. – The Kennett City Council, Tuesday, discussed a number of issues and inked a deal with NewWave Communications to provide telephone service to the city. Kennett Police Department Chief Johnny Dennis approached the council with the proposal citing a net savings to the city of close to $10,000 annually.

The 60-month contract costs the city approximately $36,600 plus taxes per year opposed to a bill of approximately $45,000 last year, Dennis said.

The communications company will use a portion of Kennett’s City Light, Gas and Water infrastructure to provide telephone service, which includes backup capabilities in case of disaster or emergencies, the chief added.

The contract was approved by a 7-2 vote, with council members Nick Weathermax and Larry McDowell opposing.

Firetruck Matching Grant Approved

Kennett Fire Department Chief David Horton announced the department was awarded a $750,000 federal grant earmarked for the purchase of a new ladder truck. The truck is funded using 95 percent federal monies and five percent from the city, Horton said. The city’s portion, approximately $37,000, is budgeted from capital improvements.

“We’re asking the city to accept this grant,” he told the council. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the city.”

Horton credited the grant writing to Public Safety Officer John Mallott,who spent “many hours” tweaking the grant, the chief said.

The proposal was accepted by the council in an unanimous vote.

Fuel Pre-Payment Now Required By Law

Kennett businessman Randy Gardner addressed the council, asking the board to adopt an ordinance requiring pre-payment for gasoline at city stations.

“We don’t call the police every time we have a drive-off,” Gardner said. “Sometimes we know the people, its just a mistake and they come back and pay.

“But when we have to call the police four or five times a day about drive offs for $50 worth of gasoline, that’s extra work for them they should not have to do,” he continued. “We can’t stand to lose that kind of money daily in drive offs.”

The council adopted the ordinance by unanimous vote.

Other Business

Street Commissioner Randy Carter asked the council to approve a 3,000 gallon diesel purchase because the fuel’s price dropped to $3.39 per gallon. “That would give us a three or four month supply,” Carter noted.

He also asked the council for permission to let a bid for the purchase of a new pickup truck for the department. Mayor Jake Crafton asked the superintendent to come back to the council with a price for the truck, which would be used as an every day work vehicle.

Carter also told the body that many street projects were ongoing, including concrete work on city intersections.