Land Cruising -- Plan Your 2015 Vacation Destination Now!

Jan 07, 2013

A Flying Hotel?With the word dirigible  one typically thinks of the Hindenburg or maybe even Snoopy on the MetLife Blimp floating over a football game. But one company is launching a new vehicle: AerosCraft’s rigid-variable-buoyancy airship. The company plans on flight-testing the in the next 60-days what the CEO claims is the future of air travel.

Honestly, the allure of a Land Cruise to see Iron Horse & Mount Rushmore, down the Rocky Mountains and the into the Grand Canyon. Or how about a trip across the frozen lands of Alaska, viewing the majestic wildlife and terrain. What a great vacation that would be.

Below is a video of the dirigible demonstrating its hover abilities. I’m looking forward to the flight-test video in the coming months.

According to

This is a new type of rigid aircraft. It’s not a blimp, and it’s not an airplane, but this thing has the potential to alter the way we understand travel and completely change military transportation. You can see a video of its first move here.

According to the company, “the final configuration and vehicle systems integration functionality testing has been completed as the Aeroscraft subscale demonstration vehicle reaches the finish line.” The aircraft will enter a flying tests phase over the next 60 days. After they are done with the testing, they will build the full scale version. Yes, this gigantic aircraft is only a small version of what’s coming. Imagine that.

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