Update—Series Finale: Local Producer's Reality TV Series Released Online

Apr 03, 2014

It is with great joy I tell you that Dianne Becker, nationally and internationally acclaimed videographer and documentarian, has had her 2005 TV series, Journey To The Amazon, released to the web.

Fifty years ago, five men were killed by a remote tribe in Ecuador, now 33 of their family members travel back to the area to visit the tribe who murdered their patriarchs. This story gripped America in 1956 with a centerfold photo in LIFE magazine of the shattered families who coped with their loss by carrying on their evangelical outreach to the barbarian tribe.

Life magazine centerfold photo of the wives of slain ecuadorian missionaries in 1956.

Life magazine centerfold photo of the wives of slain Ecuadorian missionaries in 1956.

For the decades that follow, Elizabeth Elliot and Rachel Saint became synonymous with the verse “Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you.” They went back into the jungle with their fatherless families and shared the love of Jesus with this killing tribe, the same ones who stole their loved ones lives. The power of their love and the message of the saving grace of Jesus transformed the tribe as those five martyred men became a bridge of grace.

In 2005, the engaging and challenging saga was depicted in the theaters entitled End of the Spear. Shortly after the release of the film, Dianne Becker (native of Williamsville and, I’m proud to say, my sister) produced a reality series where the families of these patriarchs go back to Ecuador and interact with the tribe and the jungle where their forefathers were killed and their foremothers did not accept that as the end of the story.

The series, which originally aired on Angel network, is now being released on the web with a new episode going online each week. I think you will find the 25 minute episodes engaging, fun and inspiring.

Here are the videos, check back each week for the next episode.

Ep. 1 – “A Different World”

Ep. 2 – “Edge of the Jungle”

Ep. 3 – “A Look Back”

Ep. 4 – “Beyond Roads”

Ep. 5 – “A Culture of Death”

Ep. 6 – “River Ride”

Ep. 7 – “To Garden is to Eat”

Ep. 8 – “Waodani Survival Skills”

Ep. 9 – “A Waodani Trail”

Ep. 10- “Canoe Haul”

Ep. 11 – “Let’s Go Spearfishing”

Ep. 12 – “Goodbye, Journey of the Heart”

Ep. 13 – “Epilogue. Reflect.”