Maggie Thorn is living her dream

Jul 02, 2015

It’s a busy summer for Maggie Thorn, and I think it is fair to say she is at a major crossroads in her life. She’s ready to go “all-in” for her country music career.

Area residents will have the chance to see that first hand Friday at Crabb & Company at Lake Wappapello as she kicks off the holiday weekend with a performance there, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

“I just got back from a tour of Europe as part of my studies,” explained Thorn. “It was really exciting. We were there for 21 days and had the chance to tour Italy, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. I was in a group of 20 other Belmont students, and we learned so much not just about music, but how music, history and architecture all fit together.”

One of the highlights of the trip was singing “Amazing Grace” in a cathedral with the group.

“It really was amazing,” she laughed.

Amazing is also an appropriate word to describe Thorn’s rise in the world of country music. And she has only just begun. That is why she has decided to take a year off from college, to literally give her career all she’s got.

“I’m ready to see where this road takes me,” she explained. “I want to spend more time on song-writing, and perfecting my performance.”

So as a result, she is booked pretty much solid this summer, in venues stretching from her native Southeast Missouri to Wisconsin.

From the holiday weekend kick off at Wappapello, she will be spending tour time in St. Louis, Nashville, and many little and big dots on the map all summer long.

She is especially looking forward to her July 18 performance at The Boat House Wine Mixer in Bloomfield, where she will be performing with other regional favorites like Jesse Hammock, Shotgun Daddy, Brothers Walker, and Steve Hornbeak and the The Main Street Players with Ashley Hatfield.

For all her touring details, check out her on Facebook and at her own

Wherever she goes, and no matter where this music career takes her, Thorn says she will always be a Southeast Missouri girl. She is not only close to her family, but they have been crucial in helping her build her career. Her mother, Lara, does booking and publicity for her songbird daughter, and Tony Thorn always performs on lead guitar with Maggie.

He is no newcomer to the music world, having himself been a lead guitarist for Southbound, which opened for country music headliners like John Anderson, Asleep at the Wheel, and Clint Black.

Music has long been a tradition with the Thorn family. Her mom, her sister, Sophie, and even her grandmother all sing.

Like so many musical artists from Southeast Missouri, Thorn’s talent emerged at church. By the time she was only 12, she started entering vocal competitions at county fairs, and by 15 she had finished third at the Campbell Peach Fair, which won her a spot at the Mid-South Fair Youth Contest in Southaven, Mississippi.

And now, Thorn is excited about how far she has come since.

“I’m living my dream,” concluded Thorn. “Not that many people get to say that. I am one of the few.”

Touring Europe with other music students from Belmont University was an experience of a lifetime. Thorn was thrilled to see the Alps, and learn a lot about how music has an impact on world culture.Maggie in the Alps

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