Make Good On Your Promise City Manager Bagby

Jun 03, 2013

On May 1, 2013, I informed City Council that Bill Bach had not turned in the required Fuel Factor calculations since 2007 and further stated that Bill Bach should either resign or be fired. Councilman Brannum stated he would like to discuss the Fuel Factor issue at an upcoming meeting.

City Manager Bagby then promised “I can get you accurate information [on the fuel factor].” (12:00 mins on the City Council Video)

It’s now June and Council has had three open meetings and Bagby still has not presented the “more accurate” Fuel Factor information. These calculations are required by City policy to be calculated every six months.

According to City Clerk Pam Kearbey the city doesn’t have calculations on file since 2007. However the Fuel Factor is increased every year.

I’ve shown possible calculations based on two months of invoices turned over to me by Municipal Utilities after a Sunshine Request, that the city could be overcharging the fuel factor by 1/2 cent and as much as 3 cents per kilowatt.

You’ve had plenty of time to get your ducks in a row, Mr. Bagby. Show us the information at tonight’s meeting so we can have the confidence that the City is not overcharging its own citizens.