Malden High School's Veterans Day Assembly

Nov 12, 2014

PHOTO: Boy Scout Troop 603 performed the Color Guard Ceremony


MALDEN – High School students here were treated Tuesday to a Veterans Day assembly that featured orchestral music, songs and speeches.

The event was designed to increase students’ awareness and to pay homage to American Armed Forces veterans.

After a welcome by Mrs. Hardy and a student opening by Javiel Cooper, Malden area Boy Scouts participated in the presentation of the American flag.

Justice Carlock and Cooper led the audience’s recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a performance by the Malden High School Band of the National Anthem.

Cierra Harris and Tristan HIte spoke about patriotism, and the Malden HIgh School Audition Choir performed the song, “Freedom Isn’t Free.”

Additional spoken word by Tavi Walker was followed by the chorus’ tribute to the Armed Services.

Mrs. Hardy took the lectern to introduce the morning’s keynote speaker Aaron Chase.

More spoken word by Vontasja Sherrod, Shamarra Burrage, Walker, Na’Quiya McGee and Billie Borschnack led to the MHS Audition Choir’s rendition of “These Are the Ones.”

The event was concluded by the band’s performance of “America the Beautiful.”