McCain on Letterman-Priceless

Oct 17, 2008

I watched the Late Show with David Letterman last month on the night that McCain canceled to “go back to Washington to fix the economic mess.” Letterman crucified the candidate and his decision that night and it was hilarious. During the days and weeks following that decision, Letterman kept the story alive.

McCain was definitely on Dave’s S-List…so to say I was curious how McCain was going to handle his “makeup date” with David Letterman last night is to put it lightly.

Love him or hate him (that goes for Letterman or McCain), this was an incredible interview last night. David Letterman does an outstanding job of interviewing one of the two major-party candidates for President of the United States in a part-comedic, part-serious banter of thoughts that include:

  • Why John ditched the Letterman Show?
  • Why Sarah Palin?
  • Will Sarah Palin come on the Letterman Show?
  • Who is “Joe the Plumber”?
  • Doesn’t “Paling around with Terrorists” means more that one! Can you name another?
  • Will Palin be on Saturday Night Live?

One of the coolest things about this interview was when McCain said he thought that Obama and he should show up and be interviewed by David Letterman on Late Night. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Why can’t that happen…I know I would tune in for it.

This interview is another view of one of the candidates that you rarely see…their sense of humor. In a campaign of serious issues, it was honestly refreshing to see one of the candidates say “I screwed up!” and hold his own with one of our country’s funniest men.

Click here to view the 23 minute interview!

ADDED THE FOLLOWING AT 8:05PM on 10/17/2008.
Seems like some think that Letterman’s questions to McCain were too harsh compared to Leno’s questions to Biden. But, honestly, do you really want softballs tossed at these guys? I think tough questions, when answered well, are much better than easy questions answered well. And in my opinion, McCain answered them well.

And for those who want to see Obama’s Interview with David Letterman